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Steven Jay Morris  

Steven is an accomplished composer, singer/songwriter, musician and master guitarist. With roots in rock and early classical training, Steven has been creating and performing music in a variety of styles since he picked up a trumpet at age 9. His latest work is an original blues compilation of heart bending guitar, harmonica (Lee Gjolme) and lyrics guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

Artist History

Music found Steven at age 4 playing with any toy instrument that crossed his path. By age 9 he moved on to real instruments when he received a trumpet as a gift. He spent countless hours in his room teaching himself how to play the trumpet and the guitar, and started composing in his early teens. Steven pursued rock music as a career throughout his teens and early twenties, composing and performing with such bands as Daze of Nite, Yellow Bird and Thunderpussy before embarking on a solo career. Steven received classical music training at Southern Illinois University. Steven has composed and recorded more than 100 songs spanning a variety of genres including rock, jazz, guitar and piano instrumentals and blues.



Darrol Schexnayder, former guitarist for The Little Richard Band, Mark Andes, former bassist for Spirit, Firefall Heart, Mike Kowalski, former 30 year veteran drummer for the Beach Boys and Steven Jay Morris working on a recording session at JE Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA circa 1992



Shubert, Cash McCall, Buckminster Fuller, Jimi Hendrix, Wanda and Joe Schuster, Plato, Elvis, Epictetus, and Neva and Shelby Morris.

Music Styles

Rock, Smooth Jazz, Southern Rock and Blues



 Steven (14 Left) 1st band 


Steven in The Daze Of Nite

Steven in Yellow Bird 

Steven Jay Morris 1972     Steven Jay  Morris - Thunderpussy

       Steven & Darrol Schexnayder




Steven Jay Morris 1980's

Steven Jay Morris 1990's

         Steven & Mark Andes




                                                                          Steven Jay Morris 2005